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How do I join on console?

  1. Download the "Bedrock Together" app on you mobile device
  2. Open the app. It will prompt you to allow connections to devices on your local network. Make sure you allow this!
  3. Enter the ip and keep the port default(19132). Click run and keep the app open
  4. Go into mc on your console and in the friends tab you should now see a lan server appear. Join it and close the app on your phone

How do I pick up my vehicle?


How do I refuel my vehicle?


How do I open the trunk?

RIGHT CLICK - while riding vehicle

How do I fire a missile from my heli?

RIGHT-CLICK a fire charge - while flying

How do I drop bombs from my plane?

RIGHT-CLICK TNT - while riding

How do I set home?

While there is no /sethome, you can right click a bed to set your spawn point, and then teleport to that bed by doing /home Home or selecting it in the /homes gui. Also dont forget, you can use /t spawn to spawn at your base.

How to bottle exp?

/bottle get (limited to your players EXP levels)

How do I make an elevator?

/One each floor place a sign face-level. On the top write "[Elevator]"

RIGHT-CLICK the elevator sign to teleport upwards a level toward the next sign
SHIFT+RIGHT-CLICK the elevator sign to teleport downward a level to the lower sign

How can I acquire a 3D-modeled flag?

/flags (each flag comes with an invisible item frame to be placed on)

Can I silk touch spawners?/How do I get spawners?

If you find a vanilla spawner that would naturally generate in a vanilla world, you can simply mine it with silk touch and pick it up!

If you find a variant spawner of a mob like a guardian or pig you must first purchase a spawn egg in /eggs then right click the spawner to change it to a vanilla spawner of your choosing.

Only default vanilla spawners will drop, such as skeleton spawners, zombie spawners, spider spawners, cave spider spawners, and blaze spawners. All other spawners will not drop until changed to one of the previously mentioned mobs using eggs from /eggs.

How do I get custom map images?

  1. Craft maps, do RIGHT-CLICK and open them
  2. Craft the same amount of item frames
  3. Find the image on google, RIGHT-CLICK it and press copy image link
  4. In-game type /if create [name of your choice] [image url] [width in blocks] [height in blocks] combine
  5. You must have the amount of maps and item frames corresponding to the resolution in blocks of the map

How to become a news publication and gain access to the discord news channel?

If you would like to become a news publication for your town or nation please follow the directions listed below.

Here are the steps:

  1. Make a discord server for your town or nation. Go to the server settings and enable your server as a community server.
  2. Press the create a new channel button and select this channel to be an announcements channel. Name this channel the same as your news publication (EX: Belgrade Times)
  3. Open a ticket, tell staff you'd like to be a news publication, and post an invite link to the news discord. We will then follow our announcement channel and add your server to forward to the news channel.

How to draw/paint custom map art?

Look through /artmap

Select Recipes in the gui to learn how to craft the necessary easel and canvas. Once you've crafted them, place the easel and then the canvas on the easel. Right click at the bottom of the easel to sit down and paint. In /artmap gui press on the dyes. You will use the listed dyes to draw/paint. Have the dye equipped in your hand and right click on the canvas with the dye and you will be painting!